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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey guys,is it too late to get student housing?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! For new students, it is not too late to receive student housing for the upcoming semester. Initiate the process of receiving student housing by paying the housing deposit. Returning students should contact the Office of Student Life to determine housing availability at 215.717.6970 / 800.616.ARTS ext. 6970 or See you next month!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I am very interested in pursuing a major in Graphic Design, but I also wanted to somehow incorporate Advertising in my future as well. Is there a way to double major, or have Advertising as a minor if I go to UArts?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Although the University does not offer a minor in either Graphic Design or Advertising Design, and double majoring is highly discouraged due to the rigorous demands of a single major, both majors allow for 15 elective credits, which students can fill with any course not required by their major. Not only would these electives allow you to incorporate an Advertising concentration into a Graphic Design major (or vice versa), you can dabble in film, ceramics, music, creative writing, theater, dance! Above all, communicate your interest in a customized education with your advisors and faculty early—they’ll help you find the right path.

Hey. How does one purchase a laptop bundle? Does it have to be preordered off of a website (and if so, where)? Can you buy one at orientation? Is there another way to do it? Thanks.
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Laptops are not available to purchase at New Student Orientation, and should be brought with you at that time for laptop imaging, so purchasing in advance is highly recommended. If you elect to purchase a prepackaged bundle, do so through the UArts Apple Custom Store. Alternatively, you may bring a laptop you already own or purchase a laptop (new or used) outside of the bundles UArts has prepared, as long as the laptop you bring to campus meets or exceeds the minimum requirements

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How much dose each laptop bundle cost?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Students who have been accepted and received UArts login credentials can investigate the laptop requirement bundles on the UArts Apple Custom Store. At the time of this writing, the laptop bundles range from just under $1,500 to just under $3,400; see the screenshot below.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey guys, I want to attend the Open House this July, but I fear I may be late to the check in. Will I still be able to check in after 10 am ?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hey! Yes! Don’t miss Open House – we’ll check you in whenever you arrive. Pre-register for faster check-in at See you July 10th!

Are you allowed to major in the MBET program but also minor Vocal performance?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hey, tiannatentimes! UArts doesn’t specifically offer a minor in Vocal Performance, and the Music Minor caters to a broad interest in music, though Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology students are eligible to enroll in this minor. Your best bet is to wield your 21 free elective credits to craft the Vocal Performance concentration you desire. This course inventory is a great visual presentation of the credit breakdown for the MBET major – that orange pie slice empowers students to highly customize their UArts education.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it possible to transfer after one year at a community college or do I have to wait two full years to transfer?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

We accept transfer applicants with any level of education, and we’re still accepting applications for Fall 2014. Apply today!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What are some minors you guys offer?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Great question. UArts offers a myriad of Minors in the College of Art, Media & Design; the College of Performing Arts; and the Division of Liberal Arts. The Minors from the 2013–2014 academic year were:

College of Art, Media & Design
• Animation
• Book Arts
• E-Music
• Figurative Illustration
• Film & Video
• Game Design
• Multimedia
• Painting / Drawing
• Photography
• Screenwriting
• Studio Photography
• Typography
• Web Design
• Web Design & Development

College of Performing Arts
• Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology
• E-Music
• Music
• Music Education
• Musical Theater

Division of Liberal Arts
• Creative Writing
• History of Visual Arts
• Philosophy & Religion

Learn more about these Minors through UArts’ 2013–2014 catalogue.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I was curious as to what the preference of GPA is, as well as if UARTS is test optional and what SAT/ACT scores you prefer
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Thanks for your interest. I’ll quote our Application Process webpage, which houses a bunch of information about admissions guidelines and requirements:

"Admission is selective and is based on a comprehensive assessment of each applicant’s individual potential. There are no minimum SAT or ACT scores; average scores for accepted students are a 1060 SAT score (Reading + Math), and a 23 Composite ACT score. A minimum GPA of 2.0 or better is recommended."

Test scores are required.

Let us know if you have additional questions!

Asker purplebadass Asks:
How important is 4 years of science to uarts admissions? Instead of taking physics my senior year I would have an independent study art class in addition to regular art. Would taking only 3 years of science hurt my chances of being accepted?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! “The University of the Arts seeks students who have achieved strong academic records and demonstrate talent in their chosen creative disciplines.” We’re interested in your overall academic performance and your demonstrable talent – we’re not too concerned with the specifics of the courses you’ve taken. Sounds like you’re very devoted to your art, which we can certainly appreciate!