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Asker purplebadass Asks:
How important is 4 years of science to uarts admissions? Instead of taking physics my senior year I would have an independent study art class in addition to regular art. Would taking only 3 years of science hurt my chances of being accepted?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! “The University of the Arts seeks students who have achieved strong academic records and demonstrate talent in their chosen creative disciplines.” We’re interested in your overall academic performance and your demonstrable talent – we’re not too concerned with the specifics of the courses you’ve taken. Sounds like you’re very devoted to your art, which we can certainly appreciate!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't think you understand how awful it feels to go to auditions, not get a callback, and then not at least be given the courtesy of receiving a rejection letter later. It's just like saying "We don't want you here. You're not good enough to waste so much as ink and paper on."
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

That is a terrible way to treat an applicant and that is definitely not our practice. If you did not receive a decision letter, then some oversight has occurred. Please accept our sincerest apologies and please contact us to learn the status of your application / audition and so that we can issue a new letter immediately. Please do not assume you’ve been denied admission; we send letters to all candidates. Call 215.717.6049 Monday – Friday from 9 – 5 or email anytime at Best wishes to you.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
how do I accept financial aid/scholarships online?? is there anything else that I have to do now that I've been accepted??
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Congratulations and welcome to the University of the Arts! Your next step would be to submit your tuition deposit (and housing deposit, if on-campus housing is desired) to secure your place in our program. This can be done through using the login credentials you received in your acceptance packet. Grants and scholarships given through the University need not be accepted online – depositing lets us know you accept them. Your next step for accepting a loan is to complete a master promissory note and entrance counseling at Get in touch with more questions:

Office of Admissions: | 215.717.6049
Student Financial Services: | 215.717.6170
Student Life (housing): | 215.717.6970

We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall!

Asker erthmvr Asks:
hi you guys! so i'm officially registered in your class of 2018 in the MBET program, and I was wondering what the next step is? Are there any Facebook groups I can join//any way for me to start registering for housing, mingling with other students, etc.! Thanks so much!
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello, congratulations and welcome!

Join the Accepted Students for the UArts Class of 2018 Facebook Group by following these steps:

1. Add your email address to your facebook profile.2. Log in to the UArts Portal using the login credentials included in your acceptance packet.
3. Access your email via the GoogleApps link on the left under “Popular University Applications.”
4. Verify your email address through the email sent by Facebook.
5. Join the group and mingle away!

About a week after a housing deposit is paid, an email will be sent from the Office of Student Life (keep an eye on your email!) encouraging you to fill out your housing preferences online. If you’d like to request a specific roommate, both intended roommates must each individually email their request to before July 1.

Have fun! See you this fall!

This morning I received my letter to UArts and I was accepted!!!! However, I'm not sure I can make the May 1st deadline. Is there anyway to have an extended deadline or no?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Congratulations and welcome!!! Depositing by May 1 guarantees your space in our program, but deposits continue to be accepted after the deadline while space remains. Get in touch with your counselor to let them know you intend to deposit but are concerned about meeting the deadline. If you’re not sure who your Admissions Counselor is, get in touch with the Office of Admissions front desk at or 1.800.616.ARTS / 215.717.6049.

If you’re interested in residing on campus, also get in touch with the Office of Student Life, at either 215.717.6970 or, to discuss the possibility of holding a space for you in our residence halls without a May 1 deposit.

Can’t wait for you to join us on campus this fall!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello. I was wondering if I can email my FAFSA to the Student Financial Services? Or do I have to hand it in hard copy?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hi! You’ll want to log back in to your FAFSA, add the Federal School Code for UArts (003350), and then resubmit. Your FAFSA will be electronically delivered to UArts on your behalf in about 3–5 business days. Feel free to contact the Office of Student Financial Services with any additional questions about the FAFSA or financial aid and to ensure we’ve received your FAFSA.

Student Financial Services
800.616.ARTS x 6170

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it possible for me to major in creative writing and minor in web design? Would I have to create a portfolio for both?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Yes, the University offers both a Web Design & Development minor, which is open to all students, and a Web Design minor, open to students not enrolled in Design, Art & Technology. A portfolio is not required to enroll in these minors, but you will need to obtain permission from both your major and minor advisors. Read more about the policy governing minors and concentrations as well as how to enroll.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm a transfer student, and have applied, no decision yet. But I was wondering if I didn't complete my AFA, which I am supposed to this semester, would that hurt my chances? Even if I am accepted, and the credits I did complete transferred over, is it possible for all of that to be revoked because I didn't finish my AFA? (And the reasons for not finishing the AFA would be financial and medical) Thanks in advance.
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! You need not worry about completing your degree; it will not affect your eligibility to transfer to UArts. Just as you said, we’ll evaluate your level based on the credits that you’ve completed that transfer, but admission is not dependent on having an AFA.

If you’re concerned about having not received your decision yet, please feel free to get in touch to learn the status of your application via 1.800.616.ARTS / 215.717.6049 or

Hope things get better soon, and good luck!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What books/material do incoming freshman in the Dance department need?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello and welcome to UArts! Students receive a materials / books list from the instructor as part of the syllabus. While dress code is determined individually by the instructor, for ballet class students wear leotards and tights of any color. For hip-hop class, students wear dedicated sneakers (not worn outside of class) with white rubber soles.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there an extension for paying the $300 deposit that is due May 1, 2014?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello and congratulations on your acceptance! While a space in our program is guaranteed to those who deposit by the May 1 deadline, deposits continue to be accepted after the deadline while space remains. Discuss your individual circumstances with your Admissions Counselor to see if a spot may be held for you a bit after May 1 without a deposit. If you’re not sure who your Admissions Counselor is, get in touch with the Office of Admissions front desk at or 1.800.616.ARTS / 215.717.6049. We look forward to seeing you on campus in the fall!