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What date can you start applying for the 2015-2016 school year?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello, yetistillhavehope! Thanks for your inquiry. We expect the 2015 application to go live during the second week of September. Let us know if you have additional questions.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! I was just wondering how much experience in a field factors into being accepted for a major? For example, I am interested in DPP, but I only realized how much I love it recently and have only done stage crew for three shows (stage managing one of them), and was a student director for one other show. Is that enough experience? Because I know others who have done stage crew for two shows a year, all four years of high school, and I'm scared of not being experienced enough. Thanks!
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hey! Sounds like you’re engaged with your passion and obtaining valuable experience – that’s awesome! We understand that not all high school students have ample opportunities to gain a great deal of experience prior to college. For a program like Directing, Playwriting & Production, an applicant’s educational and professional aspirations and motivation play a deciding factor in admission, in addition to prior experience. If you have further questions or would like more specifics about what should be included in a DPP portfolio, reach out to program head Amy Feinberg. Best wishes!

Hello! I'm about to be a senior in high school, and I'm looking into doing a Music Business major in college. I saw on the website that there's a portfolio requirement for that major. How extensive should that portfolio be? And more generally, what should I be doing now to prepare for a Music Business major? I've done a lot with the music ensembles at my school, and I've started shadowing at a recording studio near me. Is that, you know, good?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! You are correct; those wishing to apply to the Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology program must submit a portfolio of work you have produced, including recordings, videos, documentation of business experience or promotional work such as show fliers, web site links, etc. There are no set requirements for the number of pieces you present – simply include the pieces that you feel best represent you and your work.

It sounds like you’re preparing yourself well with the activities you have taken on! Be sure to document these activities for your portfolio. You may choose to submit a professional résumé outlining relevant work experience as part of the portfolio.

Great job and best wishes!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! I was wondering, is there a women's study available and if so, could I minor in it if I was majoring in MBET?? Thanks!
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Great question. At this time, the University of the Arts does not offer a minor in Women’s Studies. However, you may use any of your liberal arts or free elective credits to engage with the various courses offered by the University’s Division of Liberal Arts that fall under this area of study. (Students within the Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology program receive 15 Liberal Arts Elective credits and 15 Free Elective credits.) UArts faculty member Camille Paglia is widely known for being a social critic and, as she describes, a “dissident feminist,” so you won’t want to miss your chance to study under her!

Hello! This fall, i will be a senior in high school at the American School of Antananarivo in Madagascar. I am very interest in UArt's BFA in Musical Theatre. I heard that video auditions are allowed, which is great because I live far? Would I have to send a dvd or is there a website where i can upload my audition? Plus, are there any specific guidelines i have to follow for video auditions?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! I’m pleased to hear of your interest in our Musical Theater program. To answer your questions most accurately, I am supplying language derived from our webpage on the College of Performing Arts Audition Requirements for the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts (scroll down to “Musical Theater” and then “Video Auditions”):

Applicants who live more than 500 miles from Philadelphia and are unable to audition in person may submit a video audition to the Office of Admissions. Recorded auditions should be uploaded via the Acceptd online submission platform. 

In addition to the two monologues and two songs, you must present a prepared dance solo that demonstrates your level of proficiency in dance and movement. This solo, which may be choreographed by you or someone else, must not exceed two minutes in length.

In lieu of an interview, speak directly into the camera following your monologues and/or songs, telling us a little about yourself: your past and current theater activities and training, and your aspirations for the future, including career goals in theater. Clearly state your name at both the beginning and end of your audition. 

The University reserves the right to reaudition any applicant admitted on the basis of a taped audition. In such cases, we also reserve the right to reconsider and to withdraw, if necessary, the original offer of admission, or scholarship.

The Acceptd page elaborates:

Musical theater selections should be presented in 32-bar cuts (or excerpts of approximately one minute in length). Choose audition material that is appropriate to your age and type.

Please note you will also upload a PDF of your résumé and headshot or photo of yourself along with your video audition and interview.

Good luck!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it too late to apply for fall 2014?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

It’s not too late! We are still accepting applications for Fall 2014. The following links will help guide you through the University of the Arts application process:

Application Process (Undergraduate)
Application Checklist
Portfolio & Audition Requirements
• Complete your FAFSA if you have not already done so.
• Get in touch with any questions:

1.800.616.ARTS ext. 6049 | 215.717.6049

Student Financial Services
1.800.616.ARTS ext. 6170 | 215.717.6170

Good luck!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, my major, DPP, requires the 2nd laptop bundle. Since it is so expensive, I was wondering if it would be possible to buy the 1st bundle instead. Would there be any issues with that?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! I sent your question regarding the Laptop Requirement to the Help Desk, and received the following reply:

"Bundle 1 is a much slower machine. It may be passable for this student’s first year or two here but as this student gets further into their major, they may experience some issues."

I followed up by asking if upgrades could be made to bundle 1 in the future should the need arise, and was told:

"Unfortunately, the student will not be able to upgrade. The newer Mac Pros are not meant to be upgradeable. The only part that really *can* be swapped out is the solid-state storage modules and even then, the process is not an easy one and would require a trip to the Apple store.

"In regard to the memory of the newer Retina MacBook Pros, it is soldered onto the logic board, meaning that it’s a permanently fixed to the MacBook itself and is impossible to upgrade. This means that if you’re getting a Retina MacBook Pro, you need to be absolutely sure that you get the amount of memory that will be enough for the life of your computer. You might think 4GB will be enough at first, but you may run into applications that eat up more than that in the future and then you will be stuck needing to buy a new machine two years in to keep up with your course demands.

"All in all, it is best to purchase the system recommended by the major since the student will be guaranteed that the computer they purchase now will be a machine that will last throughout their UArts career and not jeopardize the integrity of their coursework."

Asker mysticiism Asks:
Hi!! I was wondering when will the application for the Fall 2015 school year be available?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hi, mysticiism! The 2015 application will be available online the week of September 8th. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Good luck!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey guys,is it too late to get student housing?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! For new students, it is not too late to receive student housing for the upcoming semester. Initiate the process of receiving student housing by paying the housing deposit. Returning students should contact the Office of Student Life to determine housing availability at 215.717.6970 / 800.616.ARTS ext. 6970 or See you next month!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I am very interested in pursuing a major in Graphic Design, but I also wanted to somehow incorporate Advertising in my future as well. Is there a way to double major, or have Advertising as a minor if I go to UArts?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hello! Although the University does not offer a minor in either Graphic Design or Advertising Design, and double majoring is highly discouraged due to the rigorous demands of a single major, both majors allow for 15 elective credits, which students can fill with any course not required by their major. Not only would these electives allow you to incorporate an Advertising concentration into a Graphic Design major (or vice versa), you can dabble in film, ceramics, music, creative writing, theater, dance! Above all, communicate your interest in a customized education with your advisors and faculty early—they’ll help you find the right path.