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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What courses are required of a Film & Media Studies major?
uartsadmissions uartsadmissions Said:

Hi! Thank you for your question. 

The Film & Media Studies major is brand-new, so we don’t have coursework entirely solidified yet. However, broadly, it will require a mix of three different kinds of coursework:

1) studio courses from the School of Film (including Cinematography, Video Production, Web Design, and Art of Editing)

2) analysis courses specific to the Film & Media Studies major, offered within the Division of Liberal Arts (The Rise of Media Culture, Cinema Arts Studies I & II)

3) history courses drawn from offerings in the School of Film (for example, The History of Narrative Cinema I & II) and the Schools of Theater and Music.

In addition, students take elective courses in film studies and film making.  All students also complete the 42-credit Liberal Arts core (First Year Writing, Scientific Inquiry Foundation Track [SIFT], Period Interpretation courses, Liberal Arts electives).

Finally, students will complete a capstone thesis in the senior year (conducting research in the fall and writing up their results in the spring).

Hope this helps!

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